Past Timeline

10/08/2008 Meeting with an american activist
A meeting is organised at 4 PM with an American Activist Nadya Williams.

16, rue du Petit Musc 75004 Paris

For more information, contact us : contact@vietnam-dioxine.org.
05/07/2008 Information opération at Solidays

A l'occasion de Solidays, le collectif organise une opération d'information sur l'agent orange. C'est l'occasion de faire 2 bonnes actions (Soutenir la lutte contre le Sida et soutenir les victimes de l'AO l'entrée est à 25 € ) et en plus cela permet d'assister le soir à plein de concerts sympa.

Nous avons besoins de personnes qui peuvent nous aider à distribuer des tracts AO, faire signer des pétitions et recruter de nouvelles personnes pour nous aider.

Les actions à Solidays ont lieu le Samedi 5/07 ou Dimanche 6/07 à 14h30.

Objectif : 4000 tracts distribués, 1000 pétitions signés et une centaine de contacts.

Pour les étudiants pour qui l’entrée est trop cher, il est envisagé de prendre en charge une partie du billet en fonction de l'ordre d'inscription. 

Extrait du programme :

Samedi 5 juillet 2008 : Grand Corps Malade, Asa, Yael Naim, Cali, Hocus Pocus, Asian Dub Foundation, Aaron, Samarabalouf, Thomas Dutronc, Beat Assailant, Bumcello, Kery James, Dub Pistols Live, Agoria, Brodinski, Fanga, Etienne de Crécy, Beat Torrent, Missill, Chinese Man, DJ Soulist, les artistes du Métro…

Dimanche 6 juillet 2008 : Tiken Jah Fakoly, Césaria Evora, IAM, The Gossip, Foals, Cowboys Fringants, La Caravane Passe, Java, Toots and the Maytals, Yelle, Psy 4 de la Rime, Sharko, Orchestre National de Barbès, La Chanson du Dimanche, Rhesus, Richie Havens…

Plus d'info : http://www.solidays.org/

Les personnes intéressées peuvent envoyer un mail à contact@vietnam-dioxine.org ou contactent:

Lydie 06 22 65 85 04 
Hoai Anh TRẦN
06 84 01 83 05

Venez nombreux !

18/06/2007 Rally to support the Agent Orange Victims
This event is meant to support Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange on the same day the class action suit - against MonsantoCo.  - takes place in New York.


Schedule of events in Paris on June 18th:

16h signed petitions will be handed over at the American Embassy

18h Rally at La Fontaine des Innocents Paris 1  Metro/RER Chatelet Les Halles

22h Candlelight vigil at La Fontaine des Innocents

For more information, Kim 06 84 01 83 05 et Messaouda 06 78 72 69 73
22/04/2007 Solidarity meal
A solidarity meal in aid of Orange Agent’s victim is organized by the UGVF following by a concert.

16, Petit Musc street 75004 Paris

Reservation : 01 42 72 68 32

16/03/2007 Information on Agent Orange in Lyon
At the "Humanité" Festival in Lyon (http://www.frahuma.com/), the collective will have a information on Agent Orange the 16th and 17th March.

Contacts :
Hong Anh 06 12 73 53 85

Kim 06 84 01 83 05

06/03/2007 Concert in senate of French committee, friendship village
Under the patronage of Mr. Christian PONCELET, president of Senate and of his Excellence, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Bin, Ambassador of Vietnam in France

The French committee for the friendship village in Van Canh, Vietnam organizes 6th March 2007 at 20 o’clock exact


A Recital of Piano given by Trinh Thi Nhan


In the lounges of Boffrand of the Presidency of the Senate.


Petit Luxembourg – 15 ter, rue de Vaugirard – 75006 PARIS


The concert will be followed by a cocktail.


For all informations, contact:

2, Méridien square – 94807 VILLEJUIF CEDEX
tel :
fax :


28/02/2007 Public meeting for informations
An another PMI on Orange Agent 10 March 2007 at 19h00 What is the Orange Agent? How to help the Orange Agent’s victims? Film projection on Orange Agent following by debates.

16 rue du Petit Musc 75004
Paris contact@vietnam-dioxine.org
16/12/2006 Recital of Nguyen Hoang Phuoc at 20 PM in Paris
Presented by the association “Vietnam the children of the dioxin” and the “Community Vietnam-Dioxine”:


Recital of NGUYEN HOANG PHUOC, young blind musician, victim of defoliants spreaded during the war in Vietnam: singing, Vietnam’s traditional music (lute with 6 strings, flute)


Church St Pierre 55 street Manin 19th / Station: Laumière

Contacts : Kim (Collectif Vietnam-Dioxine) / kim.vodinh@libertysurf.fr ou Xuan Phuong (Vietnam Enfant de la Dioxine) au 06 72 86 23 04 / vuthixp@yahoo.fr

02/09/2006 Braderie of Lille
Information operation on  September 2nd and 3rd at the clearance sale of Lille.
06/11/2005 Rally to support the victims of Agent Orange
30 years ago Vietnam peace came back to Vietnam.  But 30 years; later, many families are still suffering from the effects of the American chemical war, which took place between 1961 and 1971.
Today more than one million people suffer from serious diseases, including different types of cancer and disabilities, as a result of the spreading of defoliants and herbicides, and in particular AGENT ORANGE, which contained large amounts of DIOXIN. 200 000 children are now the third generation of victims suffering from malformations and severe defects of the immune and the nervous system.
For 30 years neither the US government nor the manufacturers of Agent Orange have chosen to bring significant help to the victims.
In the year 2004, Vietnamese victims filed a class-action lawsuit against the 37 companies which produced the deadly defoliants (principally Dow Chemical and Monsanto), as was done by U.S. veterans in 1984.
At that time, the American veterans only obtained 180 million dollars in an out-of-court settlement. The Vietnamese victims' suit was dismissed by a judge in a federal district court in New York on March 10th 2005. The victims are appealing this decision.
In reaction to such silence, and to the suffering, the misery and the exclusion of these families, citizens and associations all over the world have joined forces in an international campaign to:
  • Demand that social and medical assistance be urgently brought to the most severely hit populations;
  • Support the present legal action of the association of Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/dioxin, against the manufacturers of Agent Orange
  • Testimony for peace
Join us for an international mobilization the 6th of November, the week-end before the day of the american veterans, to make the voices of the victims heard. Rallies will take place in several cities.
If you want to join us in our action, to support us or only to be informed, take contact with us: