Interesting documents

11/03/2005 Judge Weinstein's report which dismisses the Vietnamese AO lawsuit.
Judge Weinstein's full report on the Vietnamese Agent Orange lawsuit dismissal (234 pages, 950Kb). Released on March 10, 2005.
03/03/2005 Agent Orange Lawsuit filed by Vietnamese Victims
Documents and press articles on the Agent Orange lawsuit filed by Vietnamese Victims. A very interesting website set up by the Fund for Reconciliation and Development, for those who want to know more about the lawsuit.
18/09/2004 Revised version (Sept 10) of the full text of the civil action brought in the USA by the Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin, in pdf format

29/08/2004 Dow Chemical
Confidential document from 1965 showing that Dow Chemical was aware of dioxin contamination in Agent Orange in all herbicides based on 2,4,5-T acid, and that dioxin was "exceptionally toxic".
29/08/2004 Classified report by Admiral E.R. Zumalt, Jr. to the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs on the Association between adverse health effects and exposure to Agent Orange
09/06/2004 The famous Nature article by Dr. Jeanne Stellman from the University of Columbia and other articles
08/06/2004 The full text of the civil action brought in the USA by the Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin, in pdf format
The revised version is also available (see below).

03/03/2005 The Vietnamese Association for Agent Orange Victims
The official website of the Vietnamese Association for Agent Orange Victims (VAVA).
02/03/2005 "Agent Orange" section of the Tuoi Tre newspaper
The Tuoi Tre newspaper publishes very often articles related to Agent Orange. It is a good way to obtain the latest news.
18/09/2004 Letters from Agent Orange victims
The Da Nang/Quang Nam Fund recently collected 4,000 letters of Agent Orange victims. This website presents a small selection of those: the scanned letter in vietnamese and a partial English translation are available. Very interesting.
29/08/2004 Hatfield Consultants
List of documents on Agent Orange and dioxin, including research reports by Hatfield Consultants in Vietnam
26/08/2004 Photos by Roland Schmid
A few photos of victims taken in 2002 all around Vietnam
26/08/2004 Photojournalism by Jan Banning
Photos taken in Cam Lo district, just South of the former Demilitarized Zone along the border between North and South Vietnam, an area of heavy spraying and high rates of birth defects.
14/07/2004 An article from Le Monde on Dow Chemical and Bhopal

07/07/2004 Evidence of Things Not Seen
by Chris Hedges

My father and most of my uncles fought in World War II. I grew up in the shadow of the war. But it was not the romantic war of movies and books, although this romance infected me as it did all of the other farm kids in my town. It was the war of the emotionally and physically maimed. My father, who had been an army sergeant in North Africa, went to seminary after the war and became a Presbyterian minister. When he spoke about the war you could almost see him push his rifle away. He loathed the military and especially the lie that war is about glory and manhood and patriotism...
04/07/2004 Award of the best 2001 Photoreport by the Canadian Association of Journalists
A nice photoreport by Julie Oliver at A Luoi, in the center of Vietnam.
09/06/2004 The 2004 Dioxin Conference
09/06/2004 Philip Jones Griffiths
About his incredible book "Agent Orange: 'Collateral Damage' in Vietnam" published by Trolley, London.
09/06/2004 The Stockholm Conference - 2002
Official website of the environmental conference on the long-term effects of war in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, which took place in Stockholm in July 2002.
09/06/2004 "Justice for the Victims of Agent Orange" Petition
Sign the online petition initiated by the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society to support the civil action brought by the Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin.
08/06/2004 Statement of the Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin