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Fête de l'Humanité de Lyon March 2007

The 16th and 17th of March active volunteer of the Vietnam Dioxin Collective and Vietnamese students of Paris have gathered in Lyon to set up an information booth on Agent Orange with the help of Vietnamese students from Lyon Vietnam, Enfant de la Dioxine (Child of the Dioxin) where also there. The Union Générale des Vietnamiens du Rhône (General Union of Vietnamese of Rhône) also brought logistical support.

450 signatures were collected in support of the jurists international petition appeal!

The jars room
In the Tu Du maternity in Ho Chi Minh-city, abortions or births of children with a congenital defect are common. Inside the hospital, there is a very quiet room, which is always kept locked, that keeps track of this legacy of Agent Orange. There are other such rooms in maternity hospitals throughout Vietnam, but the room at the Tu Du hospital is the largest. This gallery shows what is inside such rooms.
Philip Jones Griffiths, a photoreporter who became famous with his book "Vietnam, Inc." on the Vietnam war, and former president of Magnum, has recently published an exceptional book on the damages of Agent Orange in Vietnam and Cambodia: "Agent Orange, Collateral Damage in Viet Nam", published by Trolley, London. Since 1980, Griffiths has been to Vietnam more than twenty times to photograph Agent Orange victims. This gallery presents ten excerpts from the hundred of photos of his book. We thank Philip a lot for his help. All the photos of this gallery are copyright Philip Jones Griffiths/Magnum.
The Tu Du peace village in Ho Chi Minh-city
The Tu Du peace village takes care of about sixty children, victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin. Some of the children live in the village, while others only stay during the day. There are peace villages all around Vietnam. Tu Du's is perhaps the most famous of them. The photos presented in this gallery were taken during summer 2004. Many thanks to all the people of the village (especially Dr. Ngoc Phuong, Dr. Phuong Tân and Mrs Ten) and to all the children for their warm welcome.
Information operation In Lille for the "Big Market" 2006
More than 1500 brochure where distributed ans more thean 300 signatures collected for the petition of Len
Aldis to support the victimes. 233 people left their e-mail to be able to receive and forward petition to friend..
Tournoi de Foot de l'UEVF 2006
Encore une opération d'information réussie le 7 et 8 mai grâce à l'aide de l'Union des Etudiants Vietnamiens de France qui soutient fortement la campagne Agent Orange. Nous avons plus de 250 signatures et des contacts pris avec Nantes, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Rennes, Lille, Lyon, Orléans, Toulouse, Douai, Nancy, Reims, Chambery...
Campagne d'information du 1er Mai 2006
A l'occasion du défilé traditionnel des syndicats, 7500 tracts distribués, près de 800 signatures de la pétition et plus de 40 participants à l'opération.
Salon de l'Agriculture
5 mars 2005
3700 tracts distribués, plus de 300 signatures de la pétition de Len Aldis
Rassemblement pour les victimes de l'Agent Orange
6 Novembre 2005
Organisé par le Collectif Vietnam Dioxine. Plus de 300 personnes se sont retrouvées au Mur de la Paix pour exprimer leur soutien.
Functional reeducation in Phú Yên
Since october 2002, there is a program of functional reeducation for Agent Orange victims in Phú Yên, a coastal province in the center of Vietnam. This is a joint work between local Phú Yên organizations and several French associations. About sixty families participate to the program. The photos of this gallery were taken during summer visits in 2004.
The national conference of July 25th, 2004 in Ho Chi Minh-city
The Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin and the Vietnam Economic Times organized in HCM-city on July 25th, 2004 the first support conference for the Agent Orange victims, broadcast live on television. Hundreds of people attended the conference, including many victims.
Solidays, July 9-10-11, 2004
Solidays, the famous annual festival organized by AIDS solidarity. Dozens of thousands of spectators attended concerts, but also called up for worthy causes. Thanks to the association \"Vietnam, the dioxin children\", the Vietnam Dioxin Group was there: to inform on Agent Orange, but also to make as many people as possible sign the Agent Orange open letter to the US presidential candidates. In total : thousands of signatures, and no less concerts! Thanks to all the participants.
Demonstration of May 1st, 2004.

The traditional May 1st demonstration all over France, to support all fights. Paris, the Bastille plaza, the Vietnam Dioxin group signs its first ever action by distributing 11,000 leaflets to inform on the Agent Orange problem. Meanwhile, up in the north of France, in Lille, vietnamese students distribute hundreds of the same leaflets. Thanks to all the participants