15/02/2007 American veteran grants US $50,000 to war victims

Viet Nam to try its best to ensure justice for Agent Orange victims
06/06/2006 US refuses to compensate Agent Orange victims
Australian Broadcasting Co. News, June 5, 2006
The United States says it will not compensate Vietnam's
Agent Orange victims but will instead offer the latest scientificinformation...
30/10/2005 France continues to support Vietnamese victims
Paris (VNA) - The Collectif Vietnam Dioxin in France has called on people and organisations in the world to support the lawsuit filed by Vietnamese Agent Orange victims against American chemical companies...
01/05/2005 In Vietnam, a painful war legacy
Hanoi. The war is long over for most Vietnamese, especially since fewer than one-third of them are old enough to remember a conflict that ended 30 years ago this past weekend. But one legacy of the war...
28/04/2005 The Unpunished Crimes of Agent Orange
Thirty years after the return of peace, while American veterans who were poisoned by the defoliants the US Air Force spread obtained reparations twenty years ago, Vietnamese civilians have just had their...
09/04/2005 Vietnamese appeal U.S. court's ruling on Agent Orange case
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) _ Attorneys for the Vietnamese plaintiffs whose lawsuit against U.S. chemical manufacturers of Agent Orange was dismissed last month have appealed the ruling, an official said Saturday.
06/04/2005 Separated Siamese twin in Japan for Agent Orange plea
OSAKA (Kyodo) Nguyen Duc, 24, who had been a conjoined twin until he was separated from his brother in 1988, recently visited Japan to again draw attention to the issue of Agent Orange victims in Vietnam.
31/03/2005 Agent Orange research cancelled
The United States government has withdrawn from a commitment to joint research with Vietnam on the health consequences of Agent Orange, claiming that it had not received “the necessary...
30/03/2005 Doubletake
By Eric F. Mallonga
NEW ZEALAND Transport Minister Harry Duyn­hoven revealed, in the Sunday News, that New Zealand supplied Agent Orange to the American military from New Plymouth to Subic Naval...
16/03/2005 US cancels Agent Orange study in Vietnam
Is Agent Orange responsible for deformities in the children and grandchildren of people exposed to it during the Vietnam war? Vietnam claims the herbicide, used by the US to reduce forest cover, is to...
10/03/2005 Agent Orange Case for Millions of Vietnamese Is Dismissed

In a decision that could close a controversial Vietnam-era chapter of American history, a federal judge in Brooklyn today dismissed a damage suit filed on behalf of millions...
02/03/2005 Agent Orange lawsuit: First hearings (VNA, 1 March 2005)

New York (VNA) - A first eight-hour hearing on the lawsuits filed by Vietnamese Agent Orange victims against 37 American chemical companies ended on Feb. 28 at a court in Brooklyn district, New York,...;

01/03/2005 US Companies Seek Dismissal of Agent Orange Lawsuit (1 March 2005)

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Attorneys representing major U.S. chemical companies defended them against charges on Monday that the companies committed war crimes by supplying the military with Agent Orange...

01/03/2005 Vietnam Looks to Win Agent Orange Law Suit (24 Feb 2005)

HO CHI MINH CITY (Reuters) - It is a classroom full of sunlight in Vietnam's southern city formerly known as Saigon, with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck painted on the wall overlooking several computers....

01/03/2005 Vietnamese victims seek compensation for Agent Orange (ABC Online, 1 March 2005)
The World Today - Tuesday, 1 March , 2005 12:40:00 Reporter: Edmond Roy
17/09/2004 Vietnam's war against Agent Orange (BBC NEWS, 14 June 2004)

By Tom Fawthrop, Cu Chi district, Vietnam
17/08/2004 Vietnamese sue over Agent Orange (CNN, 15 Aug 2004)

By David de Sola, Washington. -- About 100 Vietnamese citizens have joined in a class-action lawsuit against more than 30 chemical companies, seeking compensation for exposure to Agent Orange during...

12/07/2004 US lawyers collect evidence on Agent Orange impact
Ha Noi, July 12 (VNA)

A group of nine US lawyers has talked with hundreds of Agent Orange victims in Viet Nam to collect solid evidence to support their lawsuit lodged with a US Federal Court against US chemical companies.